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Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox

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Mookie Betts #50

In only his third season in Major League Baseball, 23-year-old Boston Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts became the first player this year and second Red Sox player ever to have two three-homer games in the same season. Betts’ first two home runs came off Arizona Diamondbacks ace Zach Greinke in the first and second innings, both on 2-0 counts, and his third homer was off Diamondbacks reliever Adam Loewen on a 1-0 count. The Red Sox pounded the Diamondbacks for a 16-2 win at Fenway Park. Betts accounted for half of the Red Sox runs with eight RBIs from a solid 4-for-6 day, while Red Sox teammate and second baseman Dustin Pedroia also had a fine day, going 5-for-6.

QUOTE: “It makes you feel pretty good. Any time your name is said with his, you know it means you’ve done something well. He had a great career, and mine’s just starting,” Betts said, speaking of Ted Williams.

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