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There’s always that one catch, that one play, that one run that makes you rise to your feet and cheer. It’s a moment you want to relive over and over again. Now you can! Every week you’ll vote on the greatest plays for every team in MLB. That play will be memorialized in 5” x 7” Commemorative Sportraits™ that will contain play details and player stats. It will also contain a QR code linking to a video of the play. Additionally, each order contains a card highlighting the most popular tweets about the play, including messages from your favorite baseball players. The Commemorative Sportraits™ will come packaged in a folio perfect for keeping your collection organized. Check back every week for the greatest plays in Major League Baseball.

The Process

Because they are so unique, Greatest Play Baseball Commemorative Sportraits™ are printed only once. Voting will take place all week, and winners will be selected every Saturday. The winners will be announced and new commemorative Sportraits™ will be available online Tuesday morning. Ordering will end Monday night to correspond with the end of the week of voting and Sportraits™ will be printed and shipped early the following week. Please anticipate receiving your commemorative Sportraits™ within 2 weeks from the close of sales.

QR Code

One of the unique features of the Greatest Plays Baseball commemorative Sportraits™ is the instant access to highlight video of the great play memorialized on the commemorative Sportraits™! Want access to your Greatest Plays video? Download the QR Scanner app on your tablet or mobile device, scan the QR code on the back of your commemorative photo and watch the play unfold.

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