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Baseball. America’s pastime. The Greatest Game.

There is something unique about the sport of baseball and the passion of its fans. At Greatest Plays, we’re beyond excited to be a part of the crowd. Whether you follow a single player, a team, a league or you’re simply around for the love of the game, Greatest Plays wants to be part of your baseball memories.

There’s always that one catch. That one save. That one run. The roar of the crowd. You want to replay it over and over. Maybe you were in the stands. It all happened so fast and you want to watch it again. Maybe it was your favorite player. Or it could have been the guy whose name no one can remember. Yet.

We feel the same way about those plays, so we decided to do something about it. Each week, the Greatest Plays team will create Sportraits™ for each Major League Baseball team, highlighting the best play of the week for their team.

These limited run Sportraits™ will only be available for a short time, and when the orders close, so does your opportunity to own this unique piece of memorabilia.

And keep your eyes on the site! We’ve got some great things coming as the season progresses and you don’t want to miss out! From New York to California, Minnesota to Texas and everywhere in between, stop back every week to see how you can relive the greatest plays in baseball.

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